What we can do better

We run into dilemmas and challenges which impede us in realising our Quintessence targets according to plan. The disappointing economic circumstances mean that we are obliged to make choices in order to guarantee our financial stability. This has put the brake on investments in sustainable materials and solutions in our parking facilities. We do continue to invest, but at the same time we are keeping a keen eye on our costs.

Not all performance indicators (PIs) are equally well understood, despite the fact that we have expanded the corresponding protocols. A training course with a detailed explanation of the various responsibilities could be a solution.

For some aspects, it appears that CSR as theme in itself could be better explained in some of the Q-Park countries. For the time being, all CSR performance indicators are only requested once a year. For some PIs it is feasible to request and share the data per quarter or half year. This could draw greater attention to CSR aspects in the countries, thus improving the performance.

Our vision on the benefits of sustainable mobility for the quality of life in cities offers opportunities to enter into discussion with municipalities and other parties. After all, there is always room for improvement. Our focus remains directed at the opportunities presented by differentiated pricing strategies, both economically and for the living environment.