Business model

We have converged the financial and sustainability results in the Q-Park business model. The various parking services and the diverse payment methods provide insight into what we like to do for our customers. The model aims to capture the value creation including its consequences in a future-proof overview.

Using the financial, human and physical resources, we not only generate turnover, but also contribute to the quality of life in cities and the accessibility of shopping and leisure centres, train stations, hospitals, and so on. In the Overviews section, you can see the key results of our value creation over the past few years and you will gain insight into how we have made some more ‘intangible’ aspects more measurable. For detailed financial information please consult our Annual report 2013. Results concerning safety, health and training can be found in the Quintessence overview. Aspects related to anti-corruption and privacy of client data are reported on in the GRI overview.