CSR management

Responsibility for the CSR policy and its implementation lies with the Executive board. The Supervisory board's governance committee, chaired by Mrs Peijs, advises the Executive board on CSR issues. The Supervisory board's sustainability committee makes proposals and recommendations about the CSR policy, CSR developments and involvement of stakeholders. The CEO chairs this committee.

The CSR manager is responsible for the process of gathering consistent and accurate data on time for the accountability of the policy. The CSR manager, the CEO and the Corporate Director Marketing together form the sustainability committee.

The CSR management team bears final responsibility for systematically gathering, consolidating, calculating and evaluating data. By providing interactive feedback to the countries and business units, the team generates greater understanding of the performance indicators (PIs) and greater involvement in improving the performance.

The chairman of the board and managing directors of the country organisations have been appointed as responsible for the result-oriented implementation of our CSR policy.

Q-Park has established a CSR steering team to better integrate the CSR policy, to discuss new steps and to monitor gathering the data for Responsible Parking. In 2013, the steering team, consisting of the CSR management team, marketing and HRM managers and a customer service assistant, had one video conference and met once at the head office.

Q-Park's CSR management endorses the principles of corporate governance with proper supervision and transparent reporting. The duties and responsibilities of executive directors, supervisory board members and shareholders are carefully defined in the Q-Park Governance Code and the rules applied by the legislator applicable to two-tier board companies are anchored in the articles of association.

For the most up-to-date personal profiles of the Executive directors, please see Executive board.

For the most up-to-date personal profiles of the Supervisory board members, please see Supervisory board.

The CSR management team also endorses a number of other codes, which you can find in the Codes section.

The CSR management team also applies the following control methods:

CSR organisation chart