LRQA Assurance statement

Relating to Q-Park NV’s ‘Verantwoord Parkeren 2013’ for the calendar year 2013

This Assurance Statement has been prepared for Q-Park NV in accordance with our contract but is intended for the readers of this Report.

Terms of Engagement

Lloyd’s Register Quality Assurance Ltd. (LRQA) was commissioned by Q-Park NV to provide independent assurance on its ‘Verantwoord Parkeren 2013’ (“the Report”) for the year 2013 to a limited level of assurance using LRQA’s verification procedure. LRQA’s verification procedure is based on current best practise and uses the international principles of AA1000AS (2008) - Inclusivity, Materiality, Responsiveness and Reliability of performance data and processes defined in ISAE3000.

Our assurance engagement covered Q-Park NV’s operations and activities in Europe and specifically the following requirements:

Our assurance engagement excluded:

LRQA’s responsibility is only to Q-Park NV. LRQA disclaims any liability or responsibility to others as explained in the end footnote. Q-Park‘s responsibility is for collecting, aggregating, analysing and presenting all the data and information within the Report and for maintaining effective internal controls over the systems from which the Report is derived. Ultimately, the Report has been approved by, and remains the responsibility of Q-Park NV.

LRQA’s Opinion

Based on LRQA’s approach nothing has come to our attention that would cause us to believe that Q-Park NV has not:

The opinion expressed is formed on the basis of a limited level of assurance and at the materiality of the professional judgement of the Verifier.

Note: The extent of evidence-gathering for a limited assurance engagement is less than for a reasonable assurance engagement. Limited assurance engagements focus on aggregated data rather than physically checking source data at sites.

LRQA’s Approach

LRQA’s assurance engagements are carried out in accordance with LRQA’s verification procedures. The following tasks though were undertaken as part of the evidence gathering process for this assurance engagement:


Further observations and findings, made during the assurance engagement, are:

LRQA’s Competence and Independence

LRQA ensures the selection of appropriately qualified individuals based on their qualifications, training and/or experience. The outcome of all verification and certification assessments is then internally reviewed by senior management to ensure that the approach applied is rigorous and transparent.

In 2013 LRQA provided Q-Park NV with a GAP assessment of their Quintessence monitoring and reporting process. This verification and the GAP assessment are the only work undertaken by LRQA for Q-Park NV and as such do not compromise our independence or impartiality.

Dated: 15 May 2014


Wim Post

LRQA Lead Verifier

On behalf of Lloyd’s Register Nederland B.V.

K.P. van der Mandelelaan 41

3062 MB Rotterdam (The Netherlands)

LRQA Reference: RMC149903/0206