Interview BREEAM

Dong Cao, on behalf of BREEAM

“Innovative in sustainable construction of parking facilities”

Whether it is during construction or in their daily use, buildings in Europe are responsible for almost 40% of CO2emissions. The construction sector therefore has an important role to play in achieving national CO2 reduction targets. The lifecycle of these structures is long. Decisions that we take today have a direct influence on the quality of life in the distant future.

In our vision, sustainability encompasses the whole process of project development, design, construction, use, dismantling and recycling. This calls for a comprehensive approach to building, at all levels, for all environmental issues and at each stage of the development. For this reason we have selected BREEAM as assessment method. This system offers a holistic approach to certifying buildings, which includes sustainability in the broadest sense. It is not just about energy consumption and CO2 emissions. It is about a wide variety of topics related to health and wellbeing, pollution, transport, materials, waste, water consumption, ecology and management. As part of all this, we place the emphasis on cooperation and sharing of knowledge.
In my view, Q-Park's active participation in the development of the new criteria for parking facilities indicates how rapidly innovation in this sector is progressing. Innovation is not always visible for users or decision-makers who have no expertise in a sector. Through our efforts to visibly and comparably improve the sustainability of parking facilities, the Dutch version of BREEAM will be an incentive for creating parking facilities which are more sustainable.